Properties of Water
Polarity is one of the things that give water its unusual properties. Due to the shape of the water molecule oxygen is partially negative and the hydrogen is partially positive. Some of these properties are cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension.
Cohesion is the attraction that occurs between particles of the same substance. Since water has a high cohesion it sticks to itself creating surface tension. Surface tension is the ability of a liquid to resist an external source. Surface tension is the reason the water slider can walk on water. external image Amenbo_06f5520sx.jpgPicture from
Waters polarity is what gives it an adhesion property. This is where water sticks to other substances. The meniscus is an example of the adhesion property of water.
external image meniscus.gif
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Phase Changes

This video shows the different phase changes of water. Phase changes are when water makes a physical change from solid to liquid or liquid to gas. The phase change is caused by water molecules moving faster or slower due to heat. Another phase change is called sublimation, which is directly from solid to gas.

Water is a very useful tool in energy operation due to its unusual properties. With these properties it can be used for many different things. Besides its application to the field it is essential to life.