What is science? Science, in short, is problem solving. By using the tools and methods of science, we are able to answer questions and solve problems.

Some problems like the moving rocks of the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley have been studied by scientists for years and there is still no solution.
external image death-valley-racetrack.jpg

In order to use science to solve problems and answer questions, we use the steps of the scientific method.

The scientific method is:
1 Start with a question
2 Form a Hypothesis
3 Research
4 Test the hypothesis
5 Record and analyze the data
6 Draw conclusions

The scientific method can only be used for things you can measure and observe.


In the field of energy operations, we can use science and the scientific method in order to do things such as determine the efficiency of a particular method of energy processing, or to find new ways of producing and processing power. So, as we study and learn new things about energy, and how and where we attain, process, and use it, we realize the use of science throughout this process is very important.